Hayrides in New Jersey

The headless wagon driver was your first clue that things were not going to be ordinary on this Haunted Hayride. After several minutes of being lured into a sense of calm, however, it was perfectly reasonable for you to expect that this ride would simply be a celebration of Halloween's myths and legends. But that was before your wagon was chased by a screaming lunatic with a buzzing chainsaw. Now, each moment is filled with terror as your eyes are trying to focus on the all-encompassing darkness. The threat is real since any number of monsters could be mere feet away from the wagon. Despite you being on the verge of losing your sanity, the wagon rolls on further through the black void.

C. Casola Farms
Marlboro, NJ

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Scare Farm
Hillsborough, NJ

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New Jersey may be relatively small, but 8,700+ square miles still leave a tremendous amount to explore. As there seems to be a haunted attraction on nearly every corner, navigating your way to all of the ones you want to experience this Halloween can be quite the challenge. Utilize HauntedNewJersey.com's map to find haunts in your area and to discover new ones across the state's towns and cities.